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The Drama Queen

I am , Roxanne, 11 years old, From The Philippines, Female of course!. My Nickname is Roxy. I am Cute (Joke!) well maybe huggable(spelling pls!) I'm a little chubby, I'm the type of person that Laughs even if there's nothing to laugh at. For short call me insane, a weirdo, a laugh-o-holic. worth $1,764,678.00 addicted to movies, internet, music and staying up late. ako ay isang isip bata, hotdog :), a dreamer, I luv gimmiks!.My Bloginality is INFP!!! i'm in gryffindor!

I am Roxanne.I Live in The Philippines, I can speak English and Tagalog :). The color of my eyes is dark brown.My interests are surfing the Internet, watching television, staying up late/eating [a lot!], going out with my friends, ...
This is my blogchalk:
I am Roxanne, I am 11 years old, I study @ obmci (GH), I live in the Philippines



Song:What Dreams are made of-Hilary Duff

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Saturday, September 04, 2004

I made a new blog cause this blog was getting too crowded.......
link nio!
asteeg to..... :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Friday: uhmmm..... So Much Drama happened
nung dissmissal na... we played volleyball (me,
Chastine, Acean and Sarah) then Michelle and her
barkada interrupted....they joined the game. So Chas
and Cea wnt to buy ice cream. Me and Sarah were
still playing then, Joyce and Chastine were talking the
secret type so I went out of the game (Si Arvin ksi sumali
eh!) then I went to Cea then the bad things happened......
We were supposed to be fetched 8:00 but Chas was fetched
about 7:00 so I was like "bad trip!" then she did'nt even say
bubye when she left cause she thought we were mad at her
(magulo!?!?!) So when Joyce was leaving nagparinig ako
then I did the drumma thing *tears*, when Me, Sarah and
Acean were roaming around the school we got thirsty
then Sarah has some water but she didn't give Acean....Me lang
nagalit si Acean (awwww).
Saturday: I slept at my cousin's house (that's the reason y i didn't
get to blog... F*ck!)well may computer naman dun but it was also
useless cause it didn't have internet, And I didn't get to witness
the Fight of Leche, Sherlyne and Tammy on my tagboard *tears*
Message To Leche: whoever you are stop bugging us! grrrrrr...u are
so irritating, hu are u anyway........are you afraid to say your real
name or are you just a coward? a chicken? a no good son of a b*tch?.
we Celebrated my grandmother's birthday at Music 21 it's okay....
Sunday: Surprise naman para sa grandmother ko ulit....she had sorta'h
uhmmm....a party or nochebuena kinda thing.....but it was her moment.
swerte nia! :)
Uhmmmmmmm now?!?! kanina:
I thought that Acean was still mad at me but she was the one who asked me
"are you mad at me?" (ang gulo talaga!) and Chas said sorry na to me .(4 wat?)
*the end of my super long story*

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Thanks to the rain, there's no school today!
well the prob. is im stuck here at home...alone
I coded Arvin's blog

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

haay, galit sakin si Tammy
I dunno why...... Maybe becuz I took her fan, But Mitch
gave it back naman. uh, Whatever. :(
Mrs. Tejada changed our seating arrangements nah,
yehey! I'm away from Fuck Face!
nakatabi ko naman si Mark :( , but i'm okay with
it at least ka-table ko si Chas.....While Acean sineswerte
sa pinakaharap siya kaharap niya pa si Storm and katabi
niya si Jude.......haha wish come true for her, Crush niya
ung 2 un eh , 'ata.....Well I'll never know *sigh*.
Yes! ang taas ko sa Qe's ko except History......
well here's the results:
Math:98% [I luv dis sub.]
Geometry: [wala pah]
History:84% [uhh...I suck at this 1]
Music: 91% [lalalalala]
Home Arts:92%[uh...make-up sucks!]
Agri.:?[wla pa eh.]
I really did well at Math......ako yata pinakamataas
sana.....but I think tie kami ni Tam. , uh Fuck!
I hate History, kaka-3 way lang namin nila
Chas and Acean. haaay, I wanna take guitar

Sunday, August 22, 2004

I changed the Roxylicious picture....
to "Confessions of a teenage Drama Queen"
and the cursor from Soup Faerie.
I also added some bg music: That Girl
by Lindsay Lohan.
I like this one better than my other picture.
This one suites me.
haaay, Monday nanaman bukas, school
sana wala akong bagsak na exams.
*crossed fingers*.
Sige g2g na ung visitors ng lola ko nandito nah
ung mga galing London, may ka-age pa ako
dun makikilaro nalang ako.

Friday, August 20, 2004

haay, I've got such a long story to type....
first, Sa Classroom nag-truth or dare kami
nila Joyce, Sarah and Chastine. So When
the ballpen was pointing to Joyce She chose
Dare So We dared her to bear hug Jude, She
did but she was blushing cause there's an issue
about her and Jude [Let's not talk about it]
Then When it pointed to me they told me to
bear hug Storm, (kilig ako) so I did but I didn't
actually bear hug him, So when the ballpen pointed
to Joyce again, We dared her to beso beso Jude
hahahahaha, She was really a daredevil! Cause
She did it! (bwahahahahaha).
Then when it was Language time, we had nothing
to do so we played again Dare (Truth are for cowards!)
This time it was : Me, Sarah, Jude, Emmanuel and
Arvin. so when the ballpen pointed to me, Arvin told
me to bear hug Emmanuel, I did there's no shame in that.
hahahaha, it was Jude now so We told Jude to ganti
kay Joyce, beso-beso ulit!
Sinabi pa nga namin kay Ms.SanGabriel eh, "teacher,
dinare namin si Jude na ibeso-beso si Joyce" sabi naman
ni Teacher okay [bait mo teacher!]. pinag lapit ni teacher
si Joyce and Jude pero hndi pumayag si Joyce.
sumali si Michelle, tumuro sakanya ung ballpen, (si teacher
pa nag-spin) sabi ni teacher na sabihin nya kay Storm
"Storm, ang cute cute moh" nahiya naman si Michelle.
Pero inside kinikilig siya, kasi crush nya un eh!
BTW, I got 3 of my grades in my qe's:
Language: 94%
History: 84%
Geography: 90%
I was really dissapointed in History, Fuck!.
When it reached dismissal time, I changed
my t-shirt. then it was time for our plan
ung kalokohan namin, We were really looking
forward to that plan, pero hndi natuloy.
Si Chas ksi eh! plano sya ng plano pero hndi
naman pla itutuloy!(grrrr!)
then late pa ako nagpasundo!, nauna pa sila
sundoin, then nung wla na sila Sarah. Nag
elevator trip kami. parang ghost hunting!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

haaaaaay!, why is it everytime arvin
gets away with letting someone cry
kanina ung na-victim si Michelle!
ksi nagaaway sila:
Arvin- wants to cut the hair of storm
Michelle- pinagtatanggol si Storm
so asaran sila!, then kninang dismissal
inasar ni Arvin and ni Joyce si Michelle
Joyce on the other hand has her own
issue with Michelle, So inasar nila nung
hndi na mapigil ni Michelle ung galit nya,
umiyak na sya and she yelled at Joyce and
Arvin, So the Fight started and sila Eumiko
nagsi-lapitan nah so they interviewed........
I was the witness, cause I was in front of them
when they annoyed Michelle, joyce and Arvin
were denying that they were the ones who made
Michelle cry. They are so Lying! fuckazzzz
Then Michelle yelled at me too, cause she thought
na kampi ako kay Joyce! well she was wrong!
I wasn't in anybodys side. Why didn't she think
first before she said that stupid thought! anyway
may pagka-galit ako kay Michelle! bati na kami ni
Chastine! yehey, and may bago kaming kalokohan
(isip bata thing)
BTW, I cried kanina before assembly............
cause of Emmanuel! He annoyed me too. well
He does that everyday, but this time he's gone
too far! He's going down! nainis na ako ksi
everytime nalang inaasar niya ako!!!! doent he
have anything to do with his life?
Message For Him: Just take a knife and kill
yourself! It would be a favor for all of us.
And of course if you do it, we will celebrate
tssk tssk, Life its so complicated! especially
when you have lots of problems all together
Like Family in Friends, you might as well

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